2013 Reading at Alto Elementary

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Parent Video

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Parents, please watch the video below. When you are done please fill out the the questionnaire under the video.

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Download the Video

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Mac Users: Download Flip 4 Mac to play WMV files on your Apple Computer

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Parent Questions

1. What is your player\'s name?
2. What level does he play?
3. Who should the player talk to first in regards to their role?
4. What is the best thing you can provide to your player during the season in your role as a parent?
5. What tolerance level do we have for bantering umpires or other teams?
6. Who is the Parent Representative for baseball and our Athletic Boosters?
7A. Did you like or dislike, being able to view this video at your own convenience vs having to come to the high school for a meeting?Like Dislike
7B. Why?
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